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Courseware Quality and the Collaborative Classroom: Implementing IOS Courseware to Generate Seminar-style Interactions
Mary Flanagan, University at Buffalo, Buffalo NY

Mary Flanagan is an experimental media maker, multimedia designer, and professor.

Currently she is a professor of digital arts at the University at Buffalo (SUNY), where she teaches about gender and technology, cyberculture, interactive media, animation, and sound design. "I am interested in exploring issues of gender, identity, memory, and culture in virtual spaces. . . work which explores narrative and spatiality, communication, and the body: aged and mortal, situated by gender, language, and image. The goal of my artistic practice is to develop personal narratives, especially women's stories, that are not primarily accessed by technoculture." Her article, " Mobile Identities, Digital Stars, and Post-Cinematic Selves," is forthcoming in the film journal, Wide Angle. At Buffalo she is also producing an online educational game for girls ages 9-11 and recently received a prestigious National Science Foundation grant for the project.

Recent creative work includes the interactive VRML environment [recovery], the internationally shown VRML performance [The Perpetual Bed], and most recently, the creative computer virus [phage] which creates a feminist map of the machine.

Before teaching, Flanagan was a producer of edutainment CD ROMs and Web experiences for the Austin-based software developer Human Code, Inc. Her award-winning titles include: "Nile: Passage to Egypt" & "SkyTrip America" (Discovery Channel), "Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock" (Creative Wonders), and "JumpStart 2nd Grade Math" (Knowledge Adventure). These projects have won over twenty national and international awards including New Media Invision Gold Awards, the Codie Award, and the International EMMA Award.

Mary Flanagan holds an MFA in Film and Video Production, an MA in Communication Studies from the University of Iowa, and a BA in Film Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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