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Easy Java Simulations: An Interactive Science Learning Tool
Fu-Kwun Hwang, National Taiwan Normal University
Francisco Esquembre, University of Murcia

Fu-Kwun Hwang is an Asso. Prof. at Dept. of Physics, National Taiwan Normal Univ. He is also a member of CoLoS(Concept Learning of Science group. Many java simulations can be found at his web site (and 76+ mirror sites). He has a strong interest in developing web based learning tools integrated with learning modules for science teaching and learning.

Contact information:
Fu-Kwun Hwang
Dept. of Physics.
National Taiwan Normal Univ.
#88 sec.4, Ting-Chou Rd.
Taipei, Taiwan 116
Web site :

Francisco Esquembre is Associate Profesor at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Murcia, Spain. His academic expertise includes Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems and Numerical Analysis. He currently teaches at the University of Murcia and his research includes computer assisted teaching and learning as well as simulation of scientific processes for didactical purposes. He is also a member of the CoLoS group.

Contact information:
Francisco Esquembre
Departamento de Matematicas
Campus de Espinardo
Universidad de Murcia. Apdo. 4021
30071 Murcia, SPAIN

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