Archived Volumes

Volume 3, Number 1, April, 2001.*

Online Anatomy Lab (OAL): A Self-Regulated Approach to the Instruction of Human Anatomy
Sally G. Boudinot & Bradley C. Martin
University of Georgia College of Pharmacy

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Integrating Computer Facilitated Learning Resources into Problem-Based Learning Curricula
Gregor E. Kennedy, The University of Melbourne
David M. Kennedy, Monash University
Norm Eizenberg, The University of Melbourne

Transforming Traditional Curricula: Enhancing Medical Education through Problem-Based Learning,
Multimedia and Web-based Resources

Mike Keppell, Gregor Kennedy, Kristine Elliott, Peter Harris
The University of Melbourne

An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Learning (CAL) for Medical and Midwifery Students
T. Wilson and G.J. Mires, University of Dundee, Scotland

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Special Feature:
New Era Trends And Technologies in Foreign Language Learning: An Annotated Bibliography
Janice B. Paulsen, University of Richmond

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