Archived Volumes

Volume 4, Number 2, October, 2002.

Using Animation, Virtual Worlds, Pair Programming and Activities to Introduce Computer Science
Susan H. Rodger, Duke University
Demos: some require a Java-enabled browser and version 6.0 or higher for Netscape.

Animating Recursive Algorithms 
Linda Stern & Lee Naish, The University of Melbourne
Demos: some require a Java-enabled browser.

Teaching Autonomous Robotics over the World Wide Web: an Online Computer Engineering Practicum 
John C. Gallagher & Steven Perretta, Wright State University, Richard F. Drushel, Case Western Reserve University
Demos: some require Shockwave plugin.

Designing an Algorithm Animation System to Support Instructional Tasks 
Ashley George Hamilton-Taylor & Eileen Kraemer, University of Georgia

Teaching Multiagent Systems using RoboCup and Biter 
Jośe M. Vidal, University of South Carolina & Paul Buhler, College of Charleston
Demos: some require RealVideo player.

A Linked List Prototype for the Visual Representation of Abstract Data Types 
Herbert L. Dershem & Ryan McFall Hope College, Ngozi Uti, Northern Kentucky University
Demos: some require a Java-enabled browser.

Teaching and Learning Computer Graphics Made Easy with GraphicsMentor 
Ching-Kuang Shene, Michigan Technological University

The papers marked with a above are revised and augmented versions of SIGCSE 2002, selected by IMEJ editors as among the conference's best contributions in educational technology.