Archived Volumes

Volume 1, Number 1, May 1999.

Web-Based Practice Environments to Teach Mechanical Skills †
Janet Faye Johns, The MITRE Corporation
Demos: some require Macromedia Authorware Web Player plug-in, VRML viewer. 

The Digital Agora: Interaction and Learning in Political Science †
Carolyn Watters, Dalhousie University, Canada
Marshall Conley, Acadia University, Canada
Cynthia Alexander, Acadia University, Canada

Demos: some require .mpg movie player. 

Finale: A Useful Tool for Music Theory Instruction
Stewart Carter, Wake Forest University 

Demos: Java-enabled browser, Coda's Finale software. 

Online Art History - Design, Development, and Review of an Interactive Course †
M. Schmidt, W.H. Blackmon, D.R. Rehak, D. Bajzek.
Carnegie Mellon University

Demos: some require Shockwave plug-in. 

Application of Interactive Web Tools in Teaching Redox Chemistry
Yue-Ling Wong & Angela G. King. 

Wake Forest University
Demos: some require Shockwave plug-in, AVI movie player, Java-enabled browser. 

The Blake Digital Text Project †
Nelson Hilton, University of Georgia

Acadia/Wake Forest University Writing Project: Composition, Collaboration, and Computers
Anne Boyle, Wake Forest University
Patricia Rigg, Acadia University

Demos: some require Shockwave plug-in. 

Hold the Java! Science Activities via Networked Multimedia CD-ROM's †
Perry Samson, University of Michigan
Jeffrey Masters, The Weather Underground, Inc.
Robert Lacy, University of Michigan
David Cole, Sigma6, Inc.
Yohan Lee, University of Michigan
Nancy Butler Songer, University of Michigan

Demos: some require Shockwave plug-in. 

A Laboratory Course for Undergraduate Students of Phonetics †
Anders Eriksson, Umeε University
Demos: some require capability to play.wav files. 

Teaching in a Multimedia Computer Environment: A Study of the Effects of Learning Style, Gender, and Math Achievement †
Yea-Ru Chuang, Fu-Jen Catholic University Taipei, Taiwan
Demos: some require Shockwave plug-in, AVI movie player. 

You Can Almost Feel the Music: Redesigning a Course for New Media Delivery †
Chris Kachian & Paul Wieser
University of St. Thomas

Demos: some require Shockwave plug-in, Macromedia Authorware Web Player plug-in. 

†The papers marked with a † above are revised and augmented versions of WebNet '98 presentations, selected by IMEJ editors as among the conference's best contributions in educational technology.